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Alex Bernstein Collaboration -

Aston Martin Vantage

CGI Through The Eyes of Alex Bernstein

In a unique collaboration with renowned automotive photographer, Alex Bernstein, Steelworks integrated a computer-generated Aston Martin Vantage, within an entirely CG environment.  Alex was very inspired by the eery, minimalist architectural background created by the Steelworks team, and put lots of ideation into finding the perfect car to fit the environment. The Vantage, with its liquid-like paint, was perfect for this scene. Working closely with Alex, who led the art direction, we were able to ensure the lighting and details worked to achieve a photorealistic, moody image - aptly fit for a scene in a James Bond film.

This project proved that collaboration makes for better creation, and also shows how beauty and realism can be achieved in CGI with the right direction, synergy, and talent. It also shows that traditional photography skillsets applied within the world of CGI is essential in creating a visually stunning piece.



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