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Impressive liquid sims, detailed sand particles interacting with 3D type, and photo realistic glass with reflections were executed by our talented team on an aggressive timeline for Blue Moon X Mischief at No Fixed Address. We'll raise our glasses and drink to that!


Mischief for Blue Moon



CGI / Animation

A Collaboration Worth Toasting To! 

Mischief reached out to us for a social campaign with an aggressive timeline, featuring sand particles, liquid simulations, glass and reflections, and 3D type. This collaboration proved that when brand, agency, and creative partners are aligned with one another in true partnership, trust, and expertise, incredible campaigns can happen. We’ll definitely drink to that!


Like Sand Through The Hourglass

Let’s be honest, any hour can be happy hour with a refreshing Blue Moon on the table. With dynamic short animations featuring photorealistic liquid sims, sharp effervescence and condensation, high-level glass rendering, and sand particles  interacting with 3D type, this campaign was artfully crafted to create a “buzz” for Blue Moon’s Happy Hour glass giveaway. 


Let's Get "Crafty"! 

Our creative team moved quickly through production to meet a fast turnaround, and were challenged most by nailing the speed, texture and color of the sand moving through the hourglass. We explored different approaches of sand interacting with the 3D type, as well as sand morphing into beer to align with our client’s creative vision. Simulation of the sand needed to appear realistic, move naturally, fall perfectly into place, and transition into beer with ease. The end result is sure to make you thirsty

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