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The world of home furnishings and interior design is turning heavily to CGI, and for good reason. With levels of adaptability and customization that would be difficult to achieve with live photography and videography, CGI is a great solution.


Casper, a rapidly growing company in this industry, recognizes the benefits of CGI and has leveraged the process for their packaging renders as well as digital and print content. Steelworks has been working closely with the mattress company to create a series of product renders, stylized room images, as well as interior animations.


This project is a comprehensive look at the possibilities that CGI creates for the world of interiors. From prop styling quickly to customizing furnishings as needed, the flexibility is undeniable. The ability to adjust lighting, angles, and textures without having to reset up an entire shoot also provides immense time and resource savings. Another value is the library of 3D assets that are now usable for future content.


The animation below especially shows how far CGI has come in achieving a photorealistic look that makes you ask, “is this CGI or is this real?”





CGI / Animation

original-room_gif v2.gif
loft-room_gif (1)_v2.gif
wave hybrid bedroom corner snow xl.jpg
wave hybrid bedroom side box snow xl.jpg
nova hybrid bedroom snow xl.jpg
wave hybrid corner-xl.jpg
nova hybrid bedroom side box-xl.jpg
wave room final copy.jpg
element exploded v2.jpg
element push v1.jpg
snug plain room-xl.jpg
snug bedroom-med.jpg
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