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Casper Dream Machine

Live your life and leave your sleep to us.


In our most recent work with Casper, we built a captivating and magical world that features their Wave Hybrid Cooling Mattress. This exciting project involved an array of skill sets in order to deliver a dynamic and multi-faceted experience. Our ultimate goal was to coax the viewer into the dreamy world that is Casper.

Client / Agency

Casper / Big Day 


Creative Direction / CGI / Live Talent Production / VFX / Post Production

Sound Design / Music 

Echoic Audio 

Shoot Production  



Raphael Vangelis 


Combining CGI animation, live talent, high speed camera work and practical effects, our concepts quickly came to life and the Casper Dream Machine factory was born. Inspired by soothing and oddly satisfying animations, our factory invites the viewer into a calming space that comes with a cooling and restful night's sleep. 

Casper_Falling Talent.jpg
Casper_Cloudscape Morning.gif

Within the walls of the Casper Dream Machine, every element of this idyllic mattress is expertly crafted and showcased in abstract standalone scenes. These eventually transition into a visually stimulating, live-action dream world.


What we’ve achieved with this Casper campaign is a world full of allure that begs the viewer to join us in a better night's sleep, preserving their rhythms to enjoy life. 

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