A cozy night’s sleep is about to get a whole lot cooler. 


Casper, one of the leading brands in sleep technology, is launching their newest mattress and sheets with cutting-edge cooling technology. When it comes to rest, Casper really knows what they’re talking about, but when it comes to CGI and animation that really show off their products, Casper has Steelworks! Their new mattress uses 7 Kikoo bands in the center to wick heat from your body all night long, and the Hyperlite sheets have specially-designed lightweight fabric for an airy, breathable feel that keeps you cool while you sleep. Relaxation like this deserves a light and fresh campaign to match!





CGI / Animation


During our years of ongoing collaboration with Casper, we’ve created product renders, stylized room images and interior animations that can be updated and customized as needed with the flexibility of CGI. For this new product launch, we were given color and tone references to incorporate into the work, and our goal was to create a clean, dreamy look for Casper’s newest additions while still maintaining the comfort and inviting feel this trusted brand delivers. 


We created a dynamic new look and feel for this campaign based on the color and mood palette Casper devised for their new line. We wanted to let these warm-to-cool color transitions lead the creative by incorporating warm oranges that effortlessly evolve into cool blues the same way the Kikoo bands help keep your body temperature comfortable through the night.

wave hybrid bedroom corner snow xl.jpg
nova hybrid bedroom snow xl.jpg
wave hybrid bedroom side box snow xl.jpg



We used Cinema 4D to demonstrate the cooling technology of the mattresses interior layers in a visually-compelling way, and Houdini to animate the lighter-than-air quality of the Hyperlite sheets. The result is one that feels as welcomed as an ocean breeze and as approachable and cozy as home. Get ready for dreamland. 

We built an appealing visual element to demonstrate the technology behind the cooling highlights of the mattress and Hyperlite sheets because in our line of work, you’ve just got to see it to believe it. 

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