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Chris Crisman Collaboration - Evolve

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we must continue to evolve, adapt, and grow - as a society and in our professional worlds. Collaborating with photographer Chris Crisman, is an attempt to do just that. Chris’s photography team has introduced contactless virtual solutions, which allow us to continue creating content in a safe and creative way. 

“What we need now is a solution that unites Unlimited Creativity with the safest Production Protocol during Covid-19.” - Chris Crisman 

In this animation, the model is shot using Chris's Level 01 Virtual Shoot method, with multiple photo plates combined to create an ethereal landscape. Starling birds, created in CGI, move in a shapeshifting murmuration, a natural phenomenon turned into imaginative make-believe as they form the word, “Evolve.” Mimicking our need for social connection, the starlings flock together and unite to remind us of our opportunity to seize this moment and transform. 

Chris loves the collaboration aspect of making visually stunning imagery that is both breathtaking and on the cusp of fantasy and real. He sees CGI as a beautiful extension of his own artistry, expanding the limits of what he can create, and we couldn’t have been happier that he chose our team to work with him on this project. 

If you would like to learn more about this process and project in more in detail, please drop us a line here

To read more about Chris Crisman's Contactless Shoot Methods, head here.




Chris Crisman Photography




Contactless Photography, CGI, Post Production

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