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CG PRODUCER (Freelance/Full-time)


Steelworks is a CGI, post-production, and retouching studio based in Santa Monica. We are currently seeking a freelance junior to mid-level CG Producer to join our new company early-mid January. The position will be for a contracted 3-4 months, with the possibility of turning into a full-time role.


Who Are We Looking For?


A Freelance CG Producer who manages all aspects of assigned print and motion projects (CGI, photography, animation, and retouching) to ensure that client values are met by the highest standards. They work closely with the executive producer, creative teams, as well as the clients from beginning to end - ideation, execution, completion, and delivery.


What’s The Day To Day Look Like?


  • Evaluate project needs, scoping, budget and timeline.

  • Establish timely and efficient production workflow and necessary steps for streamlined content execution.

  • Establish and monitor schedules, progress, budgets + expenses

  • Set up and manage teams and assign individual artists based on their skill sets, expertise and availability.

  • Clearly and proactively communicate with client teams any issues, unexpected variances to delivery of assets, schedules, estimates, anything related to the success of the planning and execution process.

  • Maintains daily assessment of all active projects and projects-in-planning to ensure all client and account team expectations are being met.

  • Leads the creative ideation and process behind the projects

  • Maintains organized and efficient project documentation, including asset archives, status documents, etc.

  • Stays on top of relevant digital and motion trends and constantly looks at ways to evolve within the industry

  • Ensure that internal and external targets are met, anticipate deadline challenges and discuss them with supervisors to problem solve and plan accordingly

  • Understand the skills and experience necessary to complete certain projects and scout for talent


What Kind of Chops Do You Need?


  • High school diploma or equivalent required; college degree preferred.

  • 3+ years experience in production within the CGI / advertising / commercial / broadcast / VFX industry. Agency experience a huge plus.

  • Must have experience managing CGI, photography, animation, post-production workflow and pipeline

  • Hands on experience with essential software (Adobe suite, PM software, Microsoft suite). Experience with 3D software a plus.

  • Experience managing local and remote team members for any given project

  • Outsourcing knowledge and/or contacts

  • Ability to work well  remotely

  • Existing relationships with 3D artists, photographers, and/or graphic designers a plus.


To Kick Ass At This Job, You Should Be:


  • Agile & Adaptable

  • Positive and Can-Do Attitude

  • Detail-Oriented  

  • Able to Multi-task & Set Priorities

  • Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

  • Dependability

  • A Strong and Effective Leader

  • Communicative & Great Interpersonal Skills

  • Strong Artistic & Design Eye


Want to Apply?

Send resume, cover letter, and/or relevant portfolio or website


Seniority Level

Junior to Mid- level


  • Marketing & Advertising

  • Art/Creative


Employment Type



Email resume + cover letter to:

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