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At Steelworks, we have been lucky enough to work with the best in the industry. With that being said, we receive the best, and as you can imagine, particular direction from our clients. Freeform is our internal concept of a potential art & motion CGI design project imagined by our team. The tricky part was exactly that – conceptualizing and visualizing the potential features, and positioning this as an exploratory study of movement, textures, and light- which, no pun intended, ties into the roots of our clients in the footwear industry. Once making our base concrete, we were able to play with elements that felt natural to us, hence the creation of FREEFORM.




CGI / Animation


 While maintaining a foundation in realistic textures, we were inspired by footwear’s imaginative capabilities.  Captivating both sides of the spectrum brought us to a project that allows both heritage and modern design to live in harmony– specifically with the idea of how different fabrications such as knitwear and foam play together. With solid visuals that reflect the enticing elements of tangible textures, we visually encapsulated the idea of light materials, the juxtapositions between lifestyle and sporting activities, and calibrated them to our
level of beautiful & well-crafted compositions.

INTERNAL SNEAKER PROJECTS_July_2022_shole laces edit_v001_graded loop.gif
INTERNAL SNEAKER PROJECTS_July_2022_cloth knit edit_vert loop_2.gif
INTERNAL SNEAKER PROJECTS_July_2022_shoe sole edit_vert.gif
INTERNAL SNEAKER PROJECTS_July_2022_fabric strectch_vert loop.gif

At Steelworks, our primary goal is simplicity and minimalism –  Beautiful, well-crafted compositions. 

We married this with slick lighting, soft shadows, smooth color palettes and captivating simulations. 

In essence, this CGI project is what our studio strives to achieve in all the projects we take part in.

INTERNAL SNEAKER PROJECTS_July_2022_edit_v001 (0-00-01-24) graded.png
INTERNAL SNEAKER PROJECTS_July_2022_shoe sole edit_v001_grade_2.jpg
INTERNAL SNEAKER PROJECTS_July_2022_shoe sole edit_v001_grade.jpg
INTERNAL SNEAKER PROJECTS_July_2022_edit_v001 (0-00-06-13) graded.png
INTERNAL SNEAKER PROJECTS_July_2022_shoe fabric strectch_graded.jpg
INTERNAL SNEAKER PROJECTS_July_2022_edit_v001 (0-00-08-04) graded.png
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