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Gaming Chair

Most recently, Steelworks Studio teamed up with full-service advertising agency, Ayzenberg, to support the marketing campaign bringing the Haworth x Halo Fern Gaming Chair to life. Haworth collaborated with the Halo game franchise to create an exclusive Special Edition Gaming Chair with the United Nations Space Command (UNSC). 

Steelworks Studio brought the collaboration to life through a fusion of team effort, design, CGI and animation.




CGI / Animation

Sound Design / Music 

Echoic Audio 


We wanted not only to present the product with our compelling scope of CGI capabilities, but also intersperse eye catching sci-fi environments to match the aesthetics of the famous Halo game franchise using additional animations. While working on this very exciting project, we pushed the boundaries of the expected and came up with juxtaposing complex and visually satisfying creative solutions for each aspect of the animation. 

HAWORTH MASTER CHIEF_16 x 9_static_12.jpg
HAWORTH MASTER CHIEF_16 x 9_static_16.jpg
HAWORTH MASTER CHIEF_16 x 9_static_5.jpg

To highlight both the elegant shape of the Haworth chair as well as the most subtle product features, we built custom lighting setups to emphasize even the most subtle design features and details. This includes everything from the Emblem Edition of the Gaming Chair— the only chair designed with a plaque and authentication patch guaranteeing the chair is one-of-a-kind, as well as code number verification embroidery nodding to the legendary Master Chief Spartan-II soldier.

HAWORTH MASTER CHIEF_16 x 9_static_17.jpg
HAWORTH MASTER CHIEF_16 x 9_static_19.jpg
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