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We are an integrated creative studio, specializing in CGI, animation, photography, post production, and retouching. We are a team of artists, producers, and innovators - devoted to creating quality work that is as strong and beautiful as steel.

REN Skincare | Evercalm Campaign

CGI Delivers Calm In The Midst of Chaos

Released in full bloom, on the streets of New York City and Los Angeles, the digital and print displays featured CGI product renders and animations, highlighting the organic elements of REN's Evercalm skincare line. In the animation, camellia flowers and blackcurrant -antioxidant ingredients in the facial cream - take shape and unravel in a smooth, organic flow that both entrances and calms passersby as the rush of the urban environment surrounds them.

Both agency and brand felt it was important to embody the natural and simple aesthetic of clean skincare, so great time, detail, and effort went into a special 3D scanning process to bring the animation to life. 


CGI / Animation

v2serotoninroom_10.27.2020_with eyes.jpg


The O-tonin project takes a conceptual technology product, a serotonin diffuser, and embeds it into a surreal space of bold, vibrant shapes and colors. Drawing on a growing industry trend and need for abstract environments, the static images created are a playful and contemporary twist on a geometric Bauhaus-esque world. Both object and surroundings imbue a sense of joy.

A CGI dose of serotonin for your visual pleasure! 



v2serotoninroom_10.27.2020_with eyes.jpg
V2cerotonin_10.27.2020 copy.jpg
AV2cerotonin_10.27.2020 copy.jpg
V2smokecerotonin_10.27.2020 copy.jpg
AB2V2S3_10.27.2020_less elements
B2V2S3 _10.27.2020 copy.jpg

312 Arizona Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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