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AV2cerotonin_10.27.2020 copy.jpg


The O-tonin project takes a conceptual technology product, a serotonin diffuser, and embeds it into a surreal space of bold, vibrant shapes and colors. Drawing on a growing industry trend and need for abstract environments, the static images created are a playful and contemporary twist on a geometric Bauhaus-esque world. Both object and surroundings imbue a sense of joy… a CGI dose of serotonin for your visual pleasure!

Always wanting to explore our creative horizons here at Steelworks, we decided to create a project based around the idea of ‘impossible products’. With all the new tech in the world right now, it seems almost anything is possible. With that in  mind, we created O-Tonin, a serotonin infuser. Turn it on and you fill your home with good feeling. 






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