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Netflix - O Escolhido

Netflix recently aired an exciting new Brazilian series, entitled O Escolhido (The Chosen One), and our team couldn’t be more excited to be a part of its release.

In this new series, a group of young doctors are sent to a remote village in the Brazilian wetlands to cure a community of some form of Zika virus. However, their western medical practices are turned down and clash with the local community’s faith-based ways of healing. 

The Steelworks Team was presented with a creative brief by Arsonal to render out a set of  uniquely patterned snakes, which would wrap around the cast in a set of print and digital images. The bespoke design of the snake skin was inspired by tribal tattoos and the ouroboros like shape around the cast is emblematic of the ancient  theme of eternity. The snakes in their mythical symbolism also reflect motifs related to healing, or life out of death, found in the Netflix show. 







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