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Sports Reprocessed

The creatives here at Steelworks Studio were inspired by our client roster to challenge our capabilities with an internal animation project. Our recent clients and projects have been inspired by sports and their adjacent themes, which cleverly enough lends a hand to the expertise here at Steelworks. We, in turn, are in constant motion– from think tanks, reworking edits, to the final visual projects created. From this, we devised SPORTS REPROCESSED, a fresh take on movement to a global audience through something that weaves us all together: sports. By visualizing macro pieces of iconic playing fields and courts and detailing the micro elements such as the textures of sporting equipment, objects, and even body parts, we inject new life into classics such as basketball, tennis, baseball and volleyball.




CGI Animation

Creative Direction

Nidia Dias

Design & Direction

Liam Pitchford

Look Dev Support

Steward Lupercio

Sound Design 

Lobo Mauricio


Taking a step back to analyze the various raw elements that make sports possible, we wanted to highlight the rawest elements such as the courts we walk on, nets scored into, the feel of the objects we toss, and in turn bring a new appeal to the necessary pieces to play the game. Simultaneously, we were able to bring out a visceral reaction from the physical objects by juxtaposing them alongside pieces of the human anatomy. With a closer look, we notice the human spine displayed, the sheen of sweat, and the chalk we use to stay dry. When we play, we reprocess. While these visual cuts display the extrinsic pieces of the game, a closer look shows the intrinsic shifts that happen within ourselves while playing sports.


Peeling back the memorialized layers of how we visualize these iconic, worldwide sports meant injecting new colors and emphasizing textures to bring new life to these classics. With this refresh idea, we were able to create an all original sound experience using foley elements of what is visualized. Using reimagined colors and sounds brought us to this place of new industry standards in the sports world such as sustainability and the ideas of “reduce, reuse, recycle,”

which was a main inspiration point for this project.


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