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A Factory Fantasyland Full of Fun.


Welcome to Star Lab where flavors burst and fun takes flight! 

You’ve always wondered how they pack so much tangy, sweet goodness into those perfectly wrapped little squares. We know you have because we have too, and that’s why the team at Steelworks created Star Lab! 


Using cutting-edge animation and CG elements, we’re finally ready to open our doors and invite you into a vibrant new imagining of Starburst candy creation. Step right onto the factory floor to experience first-hand how your favorite colorful candies are packed with punch and packaged with love. It’s going to be a wild ride, so get ready for non-stop imagination that lasts— from the fruity start to delectable end.


There are two things we love at Steelworks: imagination and animation. We also happen to love a good challenge, so when we were asked to devise a creative concept that not only embodied the personality of a beloved candy, but also expanded the world of that candy through animation, we jumped at the chance! By inventing a 3D wonder-factory called Star Lab, our team devised a playful new place for Starburst fans to be reintroduced and reinvigorated by this classic brand.








CGI / Animation


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