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The Sleeping Beauty

Steelworks is excited to announce the launch of the full CG marketing campaign supporting the Winter 2023 production of “The Sleeping Beauty” for The New York City Ballet. Tasked to create a “lush, animated promotion,” Steelworks scripted an animation that abstractly yet illustratively guides viewers through vignettes of the decisive moments of The Sleeping Beauty.




CGI / Animation



By manipulating color and textures through movement Steelworks was able to represent both the good and evil character dichotomy of the storyline, as well as the passage of time. Matching the exquisite essence of the production’s scenery and costume design, Steelworks created a colorful floral design strategy. Viewers will notice botanic butterflies representing the fairies who bestow gifts to the Princess Aurora at her Christening, thorns injecting dark ink, representing the Carabosse’s poison, as well as the bright, colorful fabric textures at the finish, representing the eventual awakening and wedding of Princess Aurora and the Prince.

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Steelworks seamlessly visualized the production’s choreography into the campaign through the use of kaleidoscopic patterns mirroring the most identifiable scenes, such as The Garland Dance, reflected quite literally by the garland motifs throughout the final animation. Simultaneously, through the use of texture and color– including warm pinks, lilacs, yellows and orange-golds juxtaposed against bold, dark black tones, an array of the production’s plot was realized. Effectively representing both the highs of the plot, as well as tumultuous changes of events within the plotline were important to encapsulate through the use of varying size of the flora, lighting, and interactions between each element help illustrate the narrative.

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