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The Post

As words are more powerful than weapons, images can be more powerful than words. 

In promotion of The Post - the historic film starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep - the Steelworks team collaborated with Phenomenon to create a print and digital campaign utilizing CGI. Nominated for two Academy Awards and six Golden Globes, the film tells the story of the Washington Post's exposé of the Pentagon Papers and the US government's three-decade-long involvement in the Vietnam War. 

Steelworks was tasked with creating a series of newspaper origami, folded into shapes of military themed objects - a grenade, helicopter, and tank. The images were carefully crafted to contrast the soft texture of newspaper with the hardness of weapons of war. From the shadowing and ink colors to the delicate folds and creases, much skill and effort was required to emulate the look and feel of newspaper, while maintaining the true shape of the items.





The Post




CGI / Post Production

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