vivint Smart Home

Ding Dong. CGI animations at your doorstep.

Modern marketing agency, Known, with offices in 6 US cities including Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Boston and New York, called upon Steelworks to help produce a comprehensive set of assets for their client, vivint - a leading security and smart home company, consisting of a hero animation with multiple cutdowns to product rendering and environmental static shots.

Featuring vivint’s latest technology in smart home security systems, the videos seamlessly blend together live-action footage with CGI-created products and environments. In order to achieve a high level of photorealism, careful attention to detail in lighting, color, material, and finish was required.

The use of CGI with the various home environments allowed for customization as well as a sleek and realistic integration of product and environment. With the spirit of the vivint brand principles in mind, the final creations evoke peace of mind, meticulously crafted quality, and delightfully captivating stories.







CGI + Animation

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